2019 Retronix Semiconductor Employee Satisfaction Overview

Over the last year we asked you to submit feedback and share your experiences of working with Retronix Semiconductor. In this blog, we take a look at your responses and highlight your most helpful comments.

Lauren Percy · 13 Jan 2020

It's important to us that every member of our team has a voice and a say in how we operate as an employer. All feedback - good and bad, constructive and illuminating - means we're better able to address issues and concerns on both a micro and macro level.

It also means we can highlight the positives and focus on the areas that make Retronix Semiconductor a welcoming environment that helps you advance your career.


Let's dive in

Over the last year, we asked you to submit feedback and share your experiences of working with Retronix Semiconductor. The first part of the exercise involved rating us in 5 different areas. Here's how we measure up:

  • Management: 4.2 / 5
  • Work-life balance: 4.2 / 5
  • Culture: 3.9 / 5
  • Compensation and benefits: 3.5 / 5
  • Job security: 3.4 / 5

Overall employee satisfaction was rated at 78% - which is pretty great and leaves us with healthy room for improvement!


Diving deeper

The Indeed survey also asked you the best and worst things about working with us and what you would like to see improved.

These results were published to our Indeed Company Page and we've selected a few of our favorite comments that best represent the common themes that came up in your responses.


What do you love about working with Retronix Semiconductor?


Great entry point into the semiconductor industry:

  • "It's a great way to get your start in the semiconductor industry."
  • "This is a very good company to get your foot in the door with a bright career."

Valuable on-the-job training:

  • "The trainer was just AMAZING and very knowledgeable."
  • "It's been an invaluable learning experience especially for someone who is new to the semiconductor industry."
  • "I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience about the tools and got many certificates."

Opportunities to progress:

  • "The best part of the job is opportunity is there if you work for it."
  • "Great chances for raises and advancement."

Interesting and varied work:

  • "We do a lot of tasks and each of them are interesting and some of them are hard."
  • "Work duties change from day-to-day. Diverse environment and always challenging - makes the job enjoyable and unpredictable."
  • "I have very interesting and varied work."
  • Time at work passes very quickly and the work is challenging and satisfying."

Work-life balance is good:

  • "There's a lot of free time. You can find a balance between work and your private life."
  • "Shifts are good - you get enough time off in between."
  • "There is a great work-life balance."

The work is meaningful:

  • "I feel purpose in what I do and what I'm completing at work contributes to a bigger goal that doesn't go unnoticed."
  • "I gained knowledge, understanding, purpose, responsibility, discipline, friendship, and opportunity."

Co-workers are helpful:

  • "Managers are very willing to help/coach, they even have your back and are very supportive in helping in training."
  • "My co-workers and my supervisor are really nice. Everybody tries to help me learn my job."

The pay is good:

  • "When it comes to management, co-workers, and pay, I cannot complain."
  • "Pay is fair for the work done."
  • "Retronix Semiconductor take care of their employees with a fair salary."


What do you not love about working with us?


12 hour shifts:

  • "12 hour shifts can be long but you get plenty of rest days and a good salary."
  • "The hardest part about working at Retronix Semiconductor is the 12 hour shifts."
  • "Work can be tiring especially with the long 12 hour shifts but the shift pattern and days off make this okay."

Lots of walking:

  • "Hardest part is the walking. 12-26km a day!"

Getting dressed for the cleanroom

  • "The hardest part of the job is to dress in the cleanroom clothing."
  • "The preparations for entering the cleanroom are a bit hard but you get used to it."

Contract work

  • "Would be nice to work permanently in such a company."
  • "Given the chance I would have no problem working for Retronix Semiconductor again."
  • "When the contract comes to an end I can honestly say I will miss working for them."


What are the next steps?

We've received your feedback. Read it, shared it, and feel grateful to you for taking the time to express your thoughts and experiences. Thank you! So... now what?

While we're extremely happy to see a 78% satisfaction rate - there are also clear-cut areas where we can improve. We've taken your feedback and shortlisted actions we'll take in 2020 to upgrade our approach to recruitment and our strategy as an employer!

Here's what we pledge to work on in 2020:

  1. Help manage expectations of what it's like to work inside a cleanroom
  2. Increase our direct hire targets and focus on selling your achievements to our customers - meaning more permanent contracts for more of our employees
  3. Continue our pay rise and career progression schedules and emphasize this in our hiring strategy
  4. Expand our channels for official feedback to improve communication and understanding between teams


Thanks for reading!

We're proud that our employees have shared their honest opinions on their experiences at Retronix Semiconductor and we look forward to another year of ongoing reflection and improvement. Thanks again for your invaluable contributions.

If we could sum up how we ourselves feel about working with Retronix Semiconductor, it's best said using the words of one of your reviews:

"It is awesome and I feel privileged to have been trained to work with the most knowledgeable, and enthusiastic people in the semiconductor industry."

If you would like to leave your own review and your experiences of working with us, please visit: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Retronix-Semiconductor/company-questions.

Check out the infographic below! To see it in its full size just click the image below.

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Over the last year we asked you to submit feedback and share your experiences of working with Retronix Semiconductor. In this blog, we take a look at your responses and highlight your most helpful comments.
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