5 things we've learned from 26 years in recruitment

We've been operating in recruitment for the semiconductor industry for 26 years! In this blog, we take a moment to reflect on a few things we've learned along the way.

Lauren Percy · 21 May 2019

Founded in 1992 to support the labor needs of the semiconductor industry, Retronix Semiconductor proudly boasts 26 years of recruitment experience. Furthermore, the combined recruitment experience of our technical recruitment team spans over 5 decades, 3 continents and several manufacturing industries and specialties!

And while we’re always looking to improve – we can also look back at the things we’ve learned over the last 26 years:


1. Focus on the real person and not the resume

When faced with incredible volumes of applications and an innumerable number of resumes to analyze, it can be tempting to take shortcuts and dump all of your attention on the resume alone.

However, each applicant is more than the qualities and qualifications listed alongside their application. In our experience, we’ve found you can always learn more about a person by having a conversation with them – so it's always worth it to do that pre-screen!

There is nothing we like better than being proven wrong by what we’ve determined about someone from their resume (proven wrong in a good way of course). One of our favorite cases was from a recently graduated engineering student looking to break into the semiconductor industry. Without the obvious hands-on experience of being in a cleanroom, there was a reluctance to shortlist the candidate for our available positions. But after a single phone call, we learned that our graduate was the cat’s pajamas! Her infectious enthusiasm combined with her hobby-mechanic experience meant that she was a hidden gem and soon proved to be one of our most valued manufacturing technicians!


2. …But sometimes the resume speaks volumes!

On the other hand, a poorly formatted resume or one with large information gaps can prove telling. While we won’t totally discount an application submitted in 7 different font styles, it may take us longer to process the information that’s presented – and yes – we are judging your use of Comic Sans.

A little bit of care goes a long way and highlights an attention to detail (which just so happens to be one of the top characteristics we look for in our manufacturing technicians).

A well-documented work history also makes it easy for recruiters to skim and weigh up the suitability of a candidate. A resume with the right ‘buzzwords’, reflection of the job description, and listed toolsets shows that the applicant has done their research and knows how to get our attention.


3. No amount of experience or certification can replace integrity, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn

A candidate could have graduated with a perfect GPA from a top university, but a bad attitude and approach to work can mean that they easily fall short in the field.

Taking responsibility, showing initiative, and being eager to continue professional development are key characteristics of a successful employee.

And when it comes to experience - it’s quality over quantity we like seeing in a candidate’s work history. Job-hopping is a real red flag!


4. Talent attracts talent

That favorite candidate of yours? They’ll usually have friends, family, and former colleagues willing to make a valuable impact in your business. Our refer-a-friend program has been wildly successful for us - with over 60% of referred candidates getting immediate job offers!


5. Not everyone is a glass slipper, but they certainly fit

Maybe the applicant doesn’t have cleanroom experience but has instead worked to maintain aircraft in the US Air Force or worked in HVAC maintenance. The best thing about the semiconductor industry is the fact you can bring transferable skills and a unique perspective to a new role, apply them to the task at hand, and absolutely flourish!

We don’t think glass slippers would be very comfortable in the cleanroom anyway.

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We've been operating in recruitment for the semiconductor industry for 26 years! In this blog, we take a moment to reflect on a few things we've learned along the way.
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