I got the opportunity to travel abroad during my assignments

Romeo worked as a CVD field support engineer with Retronix Semiconductor for 3 years after being referred by a friend. Travelling around Europe during his assignments allowed him to visit historical sites and tourist spots on his days off!

Romeo Tabadero · 26 Feb 2019

It was truly a beneficial and at the same time worthy experience working as a CVD field support engineer with Retronix Semiconductor for the past 3 years.

I managed to get in touch with this company through the referral of a friend who was also, at that time, currently working with Retronix. He thought of referring me to this company because of the positive experience he gained while employed with Retronix Semiconductor. Following his positive feedback, I then went ahead and try to apply to which I, fortunately taking into account the experience I possessed at the time, got accepted.

My first project was a 3-month assignment in Reutlingen, Germany to support Applied Materials’ day to day operation of Bosch Semiconductor - maintaining and troubleshooting CVD machines as a field support engineer. This led to me doing other projects around Europe as well due to positive feedback from customers.  

I would rate my experience working with Retronix Semiconductor a 5 out of 5 for it was truly an experience that yielded nothing but positive results aside from the little hiccups along the way - but all in all, it was really beneficial both to my family and me.

The best thing about working with Retronix Semiconductor aside from the inevitable fact that it added on to my experience, it also gave me the opportunity to travel abroad and visit historical infrastructure and tourist spots during my days off.

Likewise, this also allowed me to buy some souvenirs for my family after every trip I had.

With my financial and personal satisfaction with the time I worked with this company, I can proudly say that the experience with them and the service they provided were truly up to par and I can’t think of anything for them to improve on.

The advice I would give for someone who is looking forward in securing a job with Retronix Semiconductor is that, like in every job you do, you should be professional enough to face those challenging but rewarding tasks, can and should be able to work with less supervision, be a team player and always be open to learning new things.

My plans for the future are leaning towards continuing my role as a field support engineer, hopefully still with Retronix Semiconductor as they genuinely aided me in my role as the breadwinner of my family.

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