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Build your experienced engineer career

Do you have a wealth of mechanical experience and a go-getter attitude? Specialist knowledge of capital equipment and tools? Whether you’re seasoned in semiconductors or looking for a career change, we can help you advance your placement in the technology sector. With rewarding and challenging roles with the world’s most advanced technology-manufacturing giants, you can use your expertise to help advance the latest technological developments.

Be part of the Retronix Semiconductor field service team

Retronix Semiconductor are always seeking Field Service, Process, and Equipment Technicians to join us on tool projects all over the world. Some of the toolset experience and process areas we look out for include:

  • TEL Act8 & 12
  • TEL Mark 7 & 8
  • Tel Alpha 8 Furnaces
  • Axcelis Implant
  • KLA Metrology
  • Novellus Speed
  • Novellus Sequel
  • Novellus Altus
  • LAM Etch
  • Varian Implant
  • AMAT Centura
  • AMAT Endura
  • LAM Gamma
  • TEL Indy
  • Kokusai Diffusion
  • Nikon Stepper
  • LAM Rainbow
  • ASM A412 Diffusion Furnace

Leverage your specialist skills

Apply your wealth of knowledge and years of experience to dynamic, challenging, and rewarding projects within the semiconductor, solar, and manufacturing industries. Cross-train on other toolsets and gain access to exclusive assignments. Join our highly skilled teams and work with the world's largest and most successful companies. Not sure if you'll fit in? Here's what we look for:

Industry knowledge

Building a career in the semiconductor industry means experienced engineers become well-versed in cleanroom safety protocol, fab culture, escalation management, and the training of entry-level technicians. These become old-hat for our FSEs but always remain a vital part of the career!

Tool expertise

Everyone has their favorite semiconductor tool or process area. Are you an amazing AMAT artist? Terrific TEL tester? Chief CMP champion? Whether your expertise lies in state-of-the-art technology or legacy toolsets - there's always a need for your hard-earned knowledge.

Sense of adventure

Our FSEs are some real road warriors. Traveling for long and short term projects all over the globe is just part of the job. While we help provide accommodation, daily living expenses, and car rentals - our FSEs get to experience semiconductor hotspots around the world (and we love their travel photos!).

Leverage your specialist skills

Join projects all over the world

Get placed in the fabs and facilities of the world's best-known chip manufacturers and technology producers.

  • Austin, Texas
  • Chandler, Arizona
  • Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Kiryat Gat, Israel
  • Agrate Brianza, Italy
  • Dresden, Germany
  • ...and more!

Get rewarded

When you join the Retronix Semiconductor Field Service Team you get first pick of exclusive projects as well as employment on a contract or temp-to-hire basis, competitive pay, employee health insurance options, flights home during longer projects, generous per diem, accommodation, car rental, and a $400 referral bonus if you help us place another FSE!

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Experienced Engineer Skills Matrix Template