Are you transitioning out of the Military?

Apply your specialized talents and knowledge to jobs at the world's most advanced technology-manufacturing facilities.

Are you a manufacturing technician in the making?

Veterans and military service members are a natural fit for technology industry positions. Because of the advanced technical knowledge and skills gained from your time in service, you're uniquely suited to a variety of careers that require mechanical aptitude and technical talent. Retronix Semiconductor supports people from all branches of military service, and all stages of service. Whether you're on terminal leave and looking for a quick project, or are a seasoned veteran - we can help you find the right placement.

Got (transferable) skills?

Your military career can give you a distinct advantage over your competition. Your practical mechanical know-how and hands-on technical proficiency with a variety of tools, equipment, and machinery translates well into the technology manufacturing sector. Not quite sure if you're the right fit? Here are some of the qualities we look for in our best candidates:


Extensive experience in engineering, maintenance, schematics, and blueprints.


Many roles within technology manufacturing require skills beyond the technical and mechanical. During military service, you'll have learned how to perform risk analysis, follow detailed procedures, collect data and think critically - making you an excellent team member.


Your experience has developed you for a wide range of environments and scenarios that are valued in civilian manufacturing.

Got (transferable) skills?

Find work in technology development hot spots

Many of our clients and fabs are located in close proximity to bases and major cities. We can place you in several locations nationwide.

  • Austin, Texas
  • Chandler, Arizona
  • Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Fremont, California
  • ...and more!

How can you get started?

Check out our tips and tricks for entering (and succeeding in) your first semiconductor manufacturing job.

Top 5 most in-demand semiconductor jobs

Top 5 most in-demand semiconductor jobs

We take a look at the top 5 most in-demand jobs within the semiconductor industry and outline the most common responsibilities and qualifications of each.

Hear from our most successful veteran employees

Approximately 21.6% of our employees come from an armed services background and find that their skills and attributes translate well to a career in semiconductor manufacturing. Our veterans are some of the highest performing employees and often earn pay increases and promotions early into their semiconductor manufacturing careers. Check out some of their success stories:

Gage Underhill


This opportunity that was given to me goes so far beyond employment. This opportunity was implemental in restoring confidence, self, worth, being part of a team, and feeling like a professional again.

These are things I thought I had lost when I made the transition from Military to Civilian life. The community at Retronix Semiconductor is the best I have ever experienced in a Civilian workplace. The sense of friendship, family, and work-life balance is above and beyond what I ever could have imagined.

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Transitioned from the United States Air Force to a rewarding role in semiconductor manufacturing

I had never considered working the in the semiconductor industry prior to my experience working with Retronix, and now it’s the field I hope to continue my career in.

People may not realize that their skills can be transferred into the semiconductor industry and help them much more than they know. I worked with other Retronix Semiconductor employees that had dynamic backgrounds that helped in their continued success. Some were veterans, some worked in engineering, some worked in aerospace, and the list goes on. After my role with Retronix, I have accepted a position with a large customer here in Chandler, Arizona and am extremely excited to continue my career in semiconductors.

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