Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about a career with Retronix Semiconductor?

We are always hiring for a range of different positions - including:

  • Entry-level maintenance technician
  • Field service engineer
  • Material handler
  • Technical specialist

Clients contract us for installing tools (tier 0-3), sustaining PM and CM procedures, decommissioning tools, upgrading/refurbishing tools, tool audits, process start-up, and tool moves.

Some of our assignments include small 1-2 person projects right through to large projects of 50+ team members.

Submit your CV or resume on our online form or email it to

This will largely depend on the number of applicants for the position, but in general please allow for 5 working days. Our recruiters will usually get in touch with you by phone or email.

We take the privacy of our applicants very seriously at Retronix Semiconductor and only the recruiting managers will have access to your details. If we want to present your application to a 3rd party company, we will contact you first to get permission.

You can apply for multiple jobs - this will not hurt your application.

Need to understand more about tool decontamination?

Every tool is tested for fluoride and corrosives. Where needed, we will also test for arsenic, lead, phosphorus, boron, and copper.

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