Factory Equipment Installation Support Technician Chandler, Arizona Other Area(s) Contract

Job code: 590

Job Description

To support our ongoing hiring demands, Retronix is seeking an outstanding individual for a Factory Equipment Installation Support Technician based within Chandler, Arizona.


Fully integrate with customers engineers and tradespeople to perform install and demo activities on factory manufacturing machinery. This includes:

  • Read and understand industrial blueprints
  • Safety inspection and sign-offs
  • Inventory & relocating parts kits and machinery into the factory
  • Inspecting construction activities and reporting progress
  • Inspecting utility installations to ensure they are installed correctly to print
  • Measuring locations and datum's for equipment placement
  • Scheduling construction activities


  • Strong Mechanical, Electrical, and/or plumbing aptitude
  • Good problem solving and critical thinking ability
  • Multitasking and ability to use various hand tools and measurement equipment is mandatory
  • Good verbal and written communication skills are also a must
  • Must be flexible, a self-starter and able to achieve desired results in a dynamic team environment
  • Technicians work 10 hour shifts, four days a week and spend the majority of their time standing to perform the work
  • Some, if not all, tasks performed require repetitive motion to an extent
  • Technicians are gowned in a gore jumpsuit that covers them from head to toe as they perform some of their work duties
  • Much of the work involves wearing safety equipment including but not limited to hard hats, safety glasses, fall protection harnesses, and steel toe boots. Boots must be worn the entire shift
  • Some work is performed while kneeling, bending, or standing on a ladder or catwalk

Candidate must meet either experience or education requirement:

  • 3-5 years full-time work experience in a related field
  • Minimum of a HS diploma or GED equivalent and a Technical Trade School program
  • Semiconductor cleanroom experience is a plus
  • Industrial construction experience such as HVAC, Electrical, or Pipework is a plus
  • Dependable and Reliable

Physical Requirements:

Job duties are often performed in confined areas in a production environment, in awkward positions and/or in high places. Mechanical aptitude, manual dexterity and ability to lift/carry objects up to 50 pounds is required. May require repetitive bending/stooping/crawling/climbing.

Why work with Retronix Semiconductor?

Retronix Semiconductor is a leading provider of support services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), Microchip Device Manufacturers and Equipment Brokers in the Semiconductor industry. Our culture of service delivery is achieved through evolving and developing our services to meet and exceed the changing needs of our customers.

Retronix is your gateway to a career within the ever-expanding Semiconductor industry. Working with Retronix is an excellent way to gain relevant experience at some of the biggest brand names in the semiconductor industry. With clients worldwide, you could have the opportunity to travel around Asia, Europe and the USA with all expenses covered.


  • Medical, Dental and Vision healthcare plans available with the best insurance providers in the country
  • Life insurance, fully covered by Retronix 
  • Paid time off 
  • Bi-weekly paychecks
  • Streamlines onboarding and continued support with training 
  • Managers located across the globe for direct support almost 24/7


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