RF refurbishment and repair

With a state-of-the-art RF refurbishment and repair lab, we offer repair, replacement, and reconditioning services for ETO RF racks and components.

One-stop solution

Complete turnkey solutions to increase productive uptime and reduce cost of operation.

70% cost savings

Up to 70% cost savings over current replacement solid-state RF generators.

80% downtime reduction

Reduce your operational and production downtime by up to 80%.

Improved condition

RF racks are restored to better than new condition after refurbishment.

Retronix Semiconductor core values honesty reliability dependability flexibility

Refurbished parts and repair

Retronix RF has 16 years’ experience in repair with world-class capabilities to engineer diagnostic maps and repairs for almost any ETO equipment. Retronix RF can also help with:

  • System controller board refurbishment
  • DI water canister refurbishment
  • ETO rack cables and hardware
  • Rack transformers

Common part repairs

Retronix RF also offers a full range of repair services for the HDP ETO rack PCBs and components including these 80-S09-uW and 80-S10-HP common parts:

  • ABX-X272: PS control board
  • ABX-X299: 12 V power supply
  • ABX-X284: HV capacitor bank
  • ABX-X302: HV diode board
  • ABX-X285: HV filter board (legacy style)
  • ABX-X494: HV filter board (updated style)
  • ARX-X490: 1.5 – 2.5 MHz driver
  • PLX-X125: DI canister

Retronix RTX-7000 PA Tube

One of our RF product offerings, the high-mu water-cooled & air-cooled ceramic/metal power triode is a direct replacement and improvement for the YU191

  • True 7000 W tube
  • Give over 3x increase in PA Tube lifetime
  • Thoriated tungsten filament
  • Excellent for use in amplifier, oscillator, or modulator services
Retronix Semiconductor RTX-7K PA Tube
Retronix Semiconductor core values honesty reliability dependability flexibility

PRR-500 Solid State Driver

An upgraded alternative to the PRR-500SSD, this solid state driver is designed for use in ETO HDP systems with increased reliability and performance.

  • Direct drop-in replacement for the obsolete ETO ARX-X490
  • No rack modification needed
  • Improved water cooling and cooling hardware
  • Immediate cost reductions over using older components
  • Eligible for our core exchange program
  • Match with RTX-7000 for significant lifetime improvement

Core exchange program (SSD) and full service health checks

We can supply on-site services and conduct full service health checks and efficiency reports of your racks.

  • Get a full service rack health check and diagnosis
  • Quickly swap your old core and update to the PRR-500
  • Gain immediate cost reductions

Contact us at tim.desanti@retronix.com or give us a call +1 719 418 3914

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