Flexible and customized solutions that meet your business goals

From tool relocation and maintenance to headcount recruitment and management, we work with you to successfully complete your projects.

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Resourcing & staffing

Offering a flexible, motivated, and highly qualified workforce - we work quickly to match your business needs.

  • Targeted recruitment
  • Streamlined on-boarding
  • Staff training
  • Payroll and benefits

Equipment relocation

We provide a fully-integrated tool and equipment extraction, relocation, and installation services.

  • Decommission and decontamination
  • Documented fingerprinting
  • Crating and rigging
  • Start-up and testing

Parts & tools

We can help you harvest inventory, pack and store surplus parts and stock, or provide the essentials for your projects.

  • Tool harvests and surplus stock
  • Parts refurbishment
  • Photographed inventory
  • Secure delivery

Our core services

Flexible labor options

Parts & tool harvesting

Semiconductor jobs

Tool decontamination

Pre-shutdown & decontamination

How we can help you meet your goals and project requirements

At Retronix Semiconductor, we work with you to develop customized solutions to your business problems - helping us ensure we get your job done right and on time. We pride ourselves in being:


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Over the last three decades, our expertise has evolved from PCB refurbishment to services across every process area in semiconductor manufacturing, and beyond. Our teams are well-equipped to deliver services for all project sizes, complexities, and locations. For an overview of the services Retronix Semiconductor can offer you at each stage of your supply chain, take a look at our digital brochure.

Retronix Semiconductor company services brochure