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Safe and productive project solutions

We think beyond our prior experience to design safe and productive project solutions to your business challenges. Over the last three decades, our expertise has evolved from PCB refurbishment to projects across every process area in semiconductor manufacturing, and beyond. The Retronix Semiconductor project management portfolio has grown to serve the solar manufacturing industry as well as chemical processing plants, construction companies, and vacuum and abatement facilities.

Our project management areas of expertise

As specialists in mass fab extractions for the semiconductor, solar, and tool manufacturing industries, our team has developed the track record and experience to design and execute solutions for all project sizes, complexities, and locations. What have we done so far?

Single tool, tool batch, and full fab decommissioning
End-of-life process equipment management
EHS services and environmental testing
Factory close decontamination, decommission, and parts harvesting
Complete process area toolset rebuild
Equipment move, installation, and quality check
Site construction planning and supervision
Full-fab tool upgrade and conversion
Production capacity fab expansion and tool upgrades
Our project management areas of expertise

End-to-end project design and execution

Tailored progress reports at each project phase

Projects delivered to spec, on time, at a high standard

Agile, reliable, and cost-effective approach

Agile, reliable, and cost-effective approach

We take a predictive approach to project management design. Building on our industry expertise, we're able to anticipate the needs of our customers and execute value-added solutions to your business challenges. Our teams are well-equipped to be agile and responsive, acting rapidly to address changes in your operational requirements. The cost-effective pricing model means you can easily take advantage of fully-flexible, integrated, and reliable project solutions.

Real-time project updates

Our custom-built passdown system ensures a seamless flow of communication throughout each project. We optimize each activity and implement specific processes to measure cost, schedule, quality, and scope of each project. We'll work closely with you to ensure that your needs are effectively communicated and incorporated into the reporting schedule. With real-time project updates, you'll be part of the communication loop throughout each project stage.

Real-time project updates

Project safety is the priority

Safety is the number one priority of any project we manage or support. Our project safety record exceeds 99% and we are a gold standard level contractor in the advanced manufacturing industry. Every Retronix Semiconductor employee and project resource undertakes pre-employment safety training to comply with and exceed on-site safety standards. Project design undergoes full risk analysis and reporting while project development reports include measurements of safety and quality incidents that are then reviewed and rectified as necessary.

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