How I found flexibility working with Retronix Semiconductor

Kenn Shanny came across one of our job ads on Facebook and now enjoys a flexible work-life balance while working with us in Leixlip, Ireland.

Kenn Shanny · 05 Sep 2018

My name is Kenn Shanny and I work as a manufacturing technician for Retronix Semiconductor.

I've worked for Retronix Semiconductor since June 2018 and have been based at the site in Leixlip.

How I found this job I feel was serendipitous as I was browsing my newsfeed one day on Facebook when I saw the sponsored ad, which I subsequently applied for.

Long story short, here I am almost 3 months later in a job which is perfect, especially due to its flexibility and knowing what days and times you have off months in advance. It gives you the chance to actually plan things properly for the future.

Retronix Semiconductor itself as a company are very tolerant of their employees’ personal lives and I personally thank them - for that I would give them a 5 out of 5 rating.

I would highly recommend Retronix Semiconductor to anyone as a company to work for and have passed their details onto friends of friends as there is also a lot of room for advancement.

I can only see great things down the line for Retronix and I am looking forward to being on this journey with them.

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