I got promoted from PGV Operator to Training Coordinator - in just a couple of months!

Mark Adams entered the role with 0 industry experience and was recently promoted.

Mark Adams · 31 Aug 2018

Hello, my name is Mark Adams. I joined the company in June 2018 on a 9-month project at the facility in Ireland. I had zero experience within the industry before joining Retronix Semiconductor as a PGV Operator. However, I came with a willingness to learn and an appetite to be part of the most ambitious project undertaken by the company.

A buddy of mine knew I was looking for work, and he told me about Retronix Semiconductor. That was the first I heard of the company.

One thing that struck me straight away was the working conditions that Retronix were offering. The compensation for time served was so much better than other advertised jobs - so I made it my focus to get one of the positions. Luckily, I was successful in my efforts.

So far, I have had an incredible experience. Even from the interview process! I have met a lot of fantastic people. I enjoy coming to work every day. I know I will be challenged, I know that there is an opportunity to progress up the ladder too.

Recently I became the training coordinator for the project. Something like that was a huge boost in confidence. And I know I have support all around me to help me get where I need to be and to get the project where it needs to be. I don’t know what will come after this project, but I would be first to put my name down to give it a shot!

The best thing about working for Retronix is the people. Seeing people help each other to succeed rather than try to trip others gives me great joy. I would highly recommend the company as a great place to work. Anyone who has a bit of get-up and go about them would be at home in a place like Retronix Semiconductor. I certainly am.

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Mark Adams entered the role with 0 industry experience and was recently promoted.
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